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Mission Statement

for(e)dialogue is a publication project of Media and Communication at Leicester, organised entirely by its PhD students. Its aim is to provide a platform for PhD students and early career researchers (ECRs) to share, explore and challenge their own ideas as well as those of others in the academic field of media and communication.

Within a rather overwhelming world of academic discussion and debates, it is increasingly essential to learn the skill of dialogic communication (dialogue) in order to advance our academic research and thinking as well as to navigate our fields. As such, our publication project aims to assist the academic advancement of all its participants by encouraging dialogue in all the processes of the publication, e.g. issue conception and development, the publishing process and the problem-solving processes.

Through our special issues and conference proceedings - always favouring dialogue in its numerous forms - we ultimately seek to listen, experience and understand the field of media and communication better, build the required confidence to express ourselves within it, learn throughout the process and deliver an original academic publication that can think ahead.

In that sense, for(e)dialogue is also in favour of forward thinking (forethought). We truly believe that PhD students and ECRs can play a very significant role in academia by pushing the boundaries of existing research in all ways possible; by looking, seeing and thinking forward. We want this publication to become a platform that can showcase new and original ways of understanding and researching that will take the academic world forward.

As media and communication scholars, we thus seek to give the opportunity to PhDs/ECRs (including those from the University of Leicester, but not exclusively) to engage with and through for(e)dialogue in as many ways as possible: as contributors, editors, journal managers, proof-readers, reviewers and designers. for(e)dialogue seeks to create a friendly and supportive environment in which we can all together contribute to the rather exciting academic field of media and communication in both theory and practice.

We urge you to register as a user of for(e)dialogue -this way we can keep you up-to-date with any future calls for papers and publications that may interest you.

We hope you enjoy reading, and if you are interested in being part of the next issue, please contact us at

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