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Lectures will take place in the Frank and Katherine May Lecture Theatre, Henry Wellcome Building, Wednesdays at 12.30pm.

The series includes both internal and external speakers. 

Date   Speaker   Title  
 23/10/2019 Prof. Jesús Gil  Senescence as a therapeutic target in cancer ageing 
 06/11/2019 Prof. Daniel Panne  Structural Insights into 3D chromatin folding 
 20/11/2019 Prof. Peter Rosenthal  Imaging Viruses and Membrane Events by Cryomicroscopy 
 27/11/2019 Dr. Laura O'Regan  EML4-ALK translocations in lung cancer: from molecular mechanisms to precision medicines  
 29/11/2019 Prof. Stephen Curry   Why diversity matters to the success and well-being of UK universities
 15/01/2020 Dr. Joanna Fox To Die or not To Die: Visualising the protein complexes that decide 
 22/01/2020 Prof. Matthew Higgins  Structural steps towards a malaria vaccine
 29/01/2020 Dr. Pietro Roversi   Rescue of secretion of responsive glycoprotein mutants in rare disease 
 05/02/2020 Prof. Richard Cowan Insulin signalling, the podocyte and kidney disease: Insights from knockouts... 
 12//02/2019 Dr. Elizabeth Bayne  Mechanisms of genome regulation by small RNAs 
 26/02/2020 Prof. Gill Holdsworth   Romosozumab- from gene to clinic 
 04/03/2020 Dr Chris Tate Understanding the molecular basis of G protein-coupled receptor pharmacology 
 11/03/2020 Prof. Lori Passmore   Mechanistic insight into the mRNA poly(A) tail machinery and DNA repair 
 25/03/2020 Prof. Jussi Taipale Towards predicting gene expression from DNA sequence 
 22/04/2020 Dr. Helen Boyd  Identification of a novel cyclic peptide that disrupts the homodimerization of the E3 ligase IDOL
 06/05/2020 Dr. Ivan Campeotto   Structure-guided design of protein immunogens for the development of Chagas vaccine
 27/05/2020  Pro. Dame Carol Robinson  Redfearn Lecture  

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