Mathematical Sciences at Leicester

Suggested reading

If you’d like to expand your awareness of Mathematics, take a look at our reading suggestions. (Don’t worry, it’s not compulsory!)


  • Lara Alcock: How To Study for a Mathematics Degree (You will be given free access to an Ebook of this after you register in September.)
  • Kevin Houston: How To Think Like A Mathematician
  • Bennison & Hall: Understanding Proof: Explanation, Examples and Solutions for A-Level Mathematics and A-Level Further Mathematics
  • Bennison & Hall: A-Level Mathematics: A Comprehensive and Supportive Companion to the Unified Curriculum
  • Garrett: Introduction to Actuarial and Financial Mathematical Methods


  • Maths Mindset boosting video
    Several of our students have found this video helpful when they were in need of some motivation to keep going.
  • Maths ideas: Three Blue One Brown
    This has been recommended to us by our students. You might, for example, look at some of the ‘essence of calculus’ or ‘essence of linear algebra’ videos, if you want to get a taste of two of your first year topics.
  • Economics is for Everyone: RSA Animate
    Whether you have studied economics at school or it is a completely new subject for you, our first year modules will assume no prior knowledge but will be looking to convince you of the importance of economic thinking in making sense of the world. This short video from RSA Animate is a nice introduction.

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