Mathematical Sciences at Leicester

Undergraduate courses

As an undergraduate in the Maths Department in Leicester, you will become a part of our family. We have close staff-student ties supported by our tutoring system, smaller class sizes and our active student societies – LASS (Leicester Actuarial Science Society) and SUMS (Student Union Mathematics Society). 

Many of our staff produce internationally recognised research in their mathematical fields, and in our actuarial science specialists you will benefit from their many years of industry experience, as you journey towards your career after university. 

We offer opportunities to study abroad or to spend a year in industry to broaden your outlook, as well as a wide variety of learning and assessment methods to enhance your skills and help you to develop as an individual.

Our graduates are employed by a range of top employers across business and finance, education and research, IT and other skilled professions.

Mathematics courses

Mathematics BSc (with optional year in industry or year abroad)
Full-time, 3-4 years | UCAS codes: G100, G101
Challenging. Exciting. Beautiful. Mathematics can be described in many ways – perhaps due to its astonishing uses in our modern world. This degree gives you the full rundown, setting you up to work in fields as far-reaching as high-energy physics and economic forecasting.

Mathematics MMath (with optional year in industry)
Full-time, 4-5 years | UCAS code: G105
This four-year degree expands on the Mathematics BSc to prepare you for high-level entry into relevant professions. It’s also a solid base for pursuing PhD research.

Mathematics with Foundation Year BSc (with optional year in industry or year abroad)
Full-time, 4-5 years | UCAS code: G992
If you would love to study Mathematics here at Leicester, but you don’t quite have the entry requirements to get in, this degree is your bridge to making it happen.

Mathematics and Artificial Intelligence BSc (with optional year in industry)
Full-time, 3-4 years | UCAS code: G108
A strong foundation in mathematical knowledge and technical skills is essential for the development of modern Artificial Intelligence systems. This course will equip you to work in this exciting field. 

Actuarial Science course

Mathematics and Actuarial Science BSc (with optional year in industry)
Full-time, 3-4 years | UCAS code: GN1H

Risk and uncertainty are where actuaries shine – drawing on their mathematical skills to help businesses and organisation make better financial decisions. It can be a high-stakes role, but we’ll give you the confidence to carve out an exciting career.


All students are welcome to join our mathematical society, the Students' Union Mathematics Society (SUMS), and actuarial science students can join the Leicester Actuarial Science Society (LASS).

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