Leicester Precision Medicine Institute

2019 events

IAX Celebrating Success: How industry and academia can work together

Date: Wednesday 18 September 2019 9.00am to 4.30pm

Midlands Academic Training Programme: IP and Commercialisation Workshop

Date: Monday 16 September 2019 10.00am to 4.30pm

PhD Residential Training Course

Date: Monday 1 July 2019 (9.00am) to Wednesday 3 July 2019 (5.00pm)

Tim Coates speaks at the opening of NTT Data UK's new London office

Date: Monday 24 June 2019

GCRF, Newton Fund and LMICs funding opportunities


  • Tuesday 30 April 2019 (preliminary application)
  • Thursday 25 July 2019 (full application)

Dr Alfredo Hidalgo-Miranda Seminar

Date: Wednesday 1 May 2019 from 1.00pm to 2.00pm

The Leicester Institute for Advanced Studies Network and Tiger Team cohort call

Date: Wednesday 1 May 2019 (10.50am) to Monday 15 July 2019 (12.00pm)

AI opportunities in Precision Medicine

Date: Tuesday 26 March 2019, 10.30am to 1.30pm


Date: Wednesday 6 March 2019, 9.00am to 5.00pm

IAX: The People Exchange Call

Date: Monday 14 January 2019 (9.00am) to Tuesday 2 April 2019 (5.00pm)

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