LGBT+ History Month


LGBT+ History Month is an annual month-long observance of LGBT+ history, and the history of the LGBT+ rights and related civil rights movements. You can learn more about this with our useful resources below. 

Supporting Trans, Gender-Fluid and Non-Binary Staff and Student Guide

The University is very pleased to launch its Supporting Trans, Gender-Fluid and Non-Binary Staff and Student Guide. The Guide can be accessed here (Supporting Trans, Gender-Fluid and Non-Binary Staff and Students Guide) and it has also been attached to this email in PDF and Word format for ease of access.

The Guide has been completed in collaboration with the Students’ Union, the Staff LGBT+ Forum, the LGBT+ Equality Action Group and Student and Academic Services, and is focused on ensuring a supportive environment with easily accessed information for trans, gender-fluid and non-binary students and staff, and those who are supporting them.

It has been developed to further promote awareness and understanding of trans, gender-fluid and non-binary identities, including the journey of transitioning. It provides guidance to those who are supporting trans, gender-fluid and non-binary staff and students, as well as highlighting key points of contact and support. It is important to acknowledge that the experience and journey of transitioning is unique to every individual and therefore the Guide should be used to inform and advise support tailored to the individuals needs of the person transitioning. It includes clearly defined terminology, specialist support available, specific University processes in place and meeting/disclosure guidance and template forms, i.e. for name/record change requests.

We encourage you to read and promote this Guide, to help ensure that staff and students are aware of its use and location. The support of managers, colleagues, staff and fellow students is vital in creating an inclusive learning, research and work environment at the University.

Equality and Diversity Training

Our community is diverse in our makeup. We attract students and staff from all over the world, with different backgrounds and identities, and we recognise that what makes us different as individuals makes us stronger as a community.

Equality, diversity and inclusion are integral to creating a successful place of work, study and research and we all have a responsibility to create an inclusive environment where we can flourish and succeed, and where we feel we are safe, treated fairly and belong.

To support you the University has a new Equality, Diversity and Inclusion online training module for students and staff, outlining the principles of equality, diversity and inclusion and what it means for each of us at the University. The module builds our understanding of University expectations, our protections and our responsibilities, and supports the University’s commitment to anti-harassment. 

Suggested films

In case you missed any of the film screenings, please see a list of films which were shown for you to watch in your own time:

LGBT+ History Month resource lists

A list of titles on the LGBT+ subject are available from the David Wilson Library as well as the Students' Choice of titles chosen by the students via the Represent campaign and members of the Book Club Society. 

Represent campaign

Represent was launched by the David Wilson Library to help diversify their collections. 

It's important to us that our collections available in the David Wilson Library represent the incredibly diverse range of voices in our student, staff and local population. The Library are keen to include more works by underrepresented voices and are asking you to recommend titles for them to purchase. These could include (but are not limited to) titles written by BAME, LGBT+ or disabled authors as well as titles related to race, gender, sexuality, social class, mental health, disabilities and learning difficulties. 

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