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All trials are conducted in a manner which ensures that the rights, safety and well-being of research participants are protected. This is especially true of any research data, which we utilise in accordance with GDPR and the Data Protection Act 2018.


Trial name: ASSERT

Trial title: The ASSERT (Acute Sacral inSufficiEncy fractuRe augmenTation) Randomised Controlled, Feasibility in Older People Trial

Trial type: Rehabilitation

Chief investigator: Professor Opinder Sahota

BEAT Severe Asthma

Trial name: BEAT Severe Asthma

Trial title: BEyond Allergic Th2 Severe Asthma

Trial type: Respiratory

Chief investigator: Professor Salman Siddiqui


Trial name: BRIGhTMIND

Trial title: Randomised double-blind controlled trial of connectivity guided theta burst transcranial magnetic stimulation versus repetitive transcranial magnetic stimulation for treatment resistant moderate to severe depression: evaluation of efficacy, cost effectiveness and mechanism of action

Trial type: Mental Health

Chief investigator: Professor Richard Morriss

Chronic Breathlessness Cohort Study

Trial name: Chronic Breathlessness Cohort Study

Trial title: An exploratory study in older adults presenting with undifferentiated chronic breathlessness to understand the future risk and potential prognostic factors of disability, impaired health status, healthcare utilisation, and mortality

Trial type: Respiratory

Chief investigator: Associate Professor Rachael Evans


Trial name: COLO-PREVENT

Trial Title: A platform for developing COLOrectal cancer PREVENTion therapies

Trial Type: Gastroenterology

Chief Investigator: Professor Anne Thomas


Trial name: COPD-HELP

Trial title: A Randomised Controlled Trial of Mepolizumab Initiated During Admission to Hospital for a Severe Exacerbation of Eosinophilic COPD

Trial type: Respiratory

Chief investigator: Professor Chris Brightling


Trial name: COPD-ST2OP

Trial title: A randomised placebo-controlled trial of anti-ST2 in COPD

Trial type: Respiratory

Chief investigator: Professor Chris Brightling


Trial name: EASY-AS

Trial title: A Randomised Controlled Trial of Early valve replacement in severe ASYmptomatic Aortic Stenosis.

Trial type: Cardiovascular

Chief investigators: Professor Gerry McCann (UK) and Professor Graham Hillis (Australia)

EXTOD Education

Trial name: EXTOD Education

Trial title: Supporting adults with Type 1 Diabetes (T1DM) to undertake exercise; Developing and piloting an Education programme for exercise in Type 1 diabetes: EXercise for Type 1 Diabetes (EXTOD) education

Trial type: Type 1 Diabetes

Chief Investigator: Professor Robert Andrews


Trial name: MiST

Trial title: Mesothelioma Stratified Therapy (MiST): A stratified multi-arm phase IIa clinical trial to enable accelerated evaluation of targeted therapies for relapsed malignant mesothelioma

Trial type: Cancer

Chief investigator: Professor Dean Fennell


Trial name: NightLife

Trial title: A randomised controlled trial assessing the effectiveness and cost effectiveness of thrice weekly, extended, in-centre nocturnal haemodialysis versus standard care using a mixed methods approach (NightLife)

Trial type: Renal

Chief investigator: Professor James Burton



Trial name: PERFORM

Trial title: PERFORM (Personalised Exercise-Rehabilitation For people with Multiple long-term conditions (multimorbidity)) trial – WP3 Feasibility Study

Trial type: Multimorbidity Rehabilitation

Chief Investigator: Professor Sally Singh


Trial namePHAST

Trial title: A feasibility study to evaluate acceptability, uptake and effect of combined peripheral arterial disease, high blood pressure and abdominal aortic aneurysm screening (PHAST-F)

Trial Type: Cardiovascular

Chief Investigator: Professor Matt Bown 


Trial name: RapidNSTEMI

Trial title: A randomised controlled trial of very early angiography +/- intervention versus standard of care on outcomes in patients with non ST-elevation myocardial infarction

Trial type: Cardiovascular

Chief investigator: Professor Adrian Banning


Trial name: ROMA

Trial title: Randomised comparison of the clinical Outcome of single versus Multiple Arterial grafts: The ROMA trial

Trial type: Cardiovascular

Chief investigator: Professor Gavin Murphy (UK)

SMART Work and Life

Trial name: SMART Work and Life

Trial title: A three arm cluster randomised controlled trial to test the effectiveness and cost-effectiveness of the SMART Work & Life intervention for reducing daily sitting time in office workers

Trial type: Lifestyle

Chief investigator: Dr Charlotte Edwardson


Trial name: SSCART

Trial title: A double blind, placebo controlled, randomised dose escalation trial to investigate the safety and efficacy of topical salbutamol in the improvement of scar appearance when applied to approximated wound margins in healthy volunteers

Trial type: Dermatology

Chief investigator: Dr Graham Johnston

Surviving Crying

Trial name: Surviving Crying

Trial Title: Cluster Randomised Controlled Trial of a Service to Support the Mental Health and Coping of Parents with Excessively Crying Infants

Trial Type: Mental Health

Chief Investigator: Professor Jayne Brown 


Trial name: TRiCS.IV

Trial title: The UK Arm of the Transfusion Requirements in Younger Patients Undergoing Cardiac Surgery Trial (TRiCS IV)

Trial type: Cardiac surgery and transfusion

Chief Investigator: Professor Gavin Murphy (UK)

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