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Free Legal Advice Clinic

The Legal Advice Clinic offers free legal advice to the general public. We welcome people from all backgrounds.

Our Leicester Law School students are trained to give legal advice, closely supervised by qualified solicitors, in the following areas

  • Contract
  • Consumer law
  • Employment
  • Family
  • Housing
  • Probate and Wills

We also have a Windrush Compensation Project for people affected by the Windrush scandal. We can help you decide whether or not to make a claim to the Compensation Fund. We can also help people to work out which categories of loss they have suffered, and what evidence they can produce to support their claim. 

Request help

Complete our request form (docx 60kB) and send it with any relevant documents to lawadviceclinic@le.ac.uk

We cannot help you if

  • Your legal issue relates to a dispute with the University of Leicester.
  • You already have a lawyer. 
  • Your query is not within our expertise.
  • Your query is urgent.

The process

  • Law students will research your legal issue.
  • You will be invited to discuss your legal query in more detail. Appointments are currently being held online.
  • The law students will consult with the supervising solicitor.
  • The law students will advise on how to deal with your legal issue.
  • If you have further queries, in some cases, you may be able to book a further appointment. We cannot act for you on an ongoing basis, though.

Our impact

  • “A very helpful service, kind, understanding staff/advisors who listened and gave me confidence in taking my situation process further. Thank you so much”.
  • “I can't recommend this service enough! I feel totally confident in my case moving forward.”
  • “The advice was detailed yet easy to understand.”

Other help

You may find the following websites helpful in relation to your legal issue

  • Citizens Advice  Advice on a wide range of issues including Coronavirus advice
  • Advice Now  Advice on a wide range of issues including guides for people wishing to conduct divorce or family proceedings, or civil claims without a lawyer. 
  • Shelter  Advice on housing and homelessness
  • Acas  Advice on workplace rights, rules and best practice. Includes a free dispute resolution service for disputes between employers and employees. 
  • Disability Law Service  Advice for people with disabilities and their carers. 
  • Money Advice Service  Advice on finances and debt, including Coronavirus money guidance). 

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Clinic Disclaimer (docx, 19kb)

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