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In accordance with the University of Sanctuary initiative and in partnership with the English Language Teaching Unit, Languages at Leicester is committed to welcoming and supporting refugees and asylum seekers. We offer a series of foreign language learning opportunities aiming to support their integration into our city and community.

Free courses for refugees and asylum seekers

Refugees and asylum seekers are welcome to join in a Languages at Leicester's course at no cost to them. At the end of the course they will be able to obtain a Certificate of Attendance or Proficiency.

Please notice that there is a limited number of free places to register refugees on each course. Please contact us to check available places. Our telephone number is 0116 252 2662. Our email address is

Refugees as Language Volunteers

Refugees also have the opportunity to become Language Volunteers, assisting tutors and supporting students. The Language Volunteers programme is well established at L@L. Since 2014 a number of native speakers, mostly Erasmus and International under and postgraduate students, assist tutors leading conversational activities and help students to develop oral and listening communication. This work takes different forms depending on the requirements and objectives of each language tutor or class and the availability of each volunteer. It can be a one-off activity, or it can be carried out on a weekly basis. Refugees, undertaking these roles will be required to have a native (or near-native) ability in the target language(s) taught (see list below) and have a brief interview with us to assess their availability and aims.

Unpaid volunteer charity workers

We offer a 50% discount on course fees to 'unpaid volunteer charity workers' who are working with refugees. They will be required to provide the details of the charity/organization they are working for so we can confirm their unpaid volunteer status.
Our courses start in October and January of each academic year. The timetable is published on our website and these are the languages we offer – please visit our Language pages for information about the languages we offer.


In order to register please send us an email including one the following subjects:

  • Free courses for refugees and asylum seekers
  • Refugees as Language Volunteers
  • Unpaid volunteer charity workers

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