International Ocean Discovery Program

Expedition 320T: Seatrials

20 January – 5 March 2009

Expedition 320T started in January 2009 and tested all of the scientific and technical equipment on board the JOIDES Resolution following its time in dry dock. The expedition transited from Singapore via Guam to Honolulu, and revisited the Ontong-Java Plateau region (near ODP Site 807). One hole, U1330A, was specifically drilled for logging. Three adapted tool strings were run: a Trial Combination (HNGS,HLDS,GPIT,DIT-E), a Formation MicroScanner comination (HNGS, GPIT, FMS) and a Magnetic Susceptibility Sonde comination (HNGS, HLDS, GPIT, MSS).

  • IODP Expedition 320T

Logging scientists

  • Jenny Inwood
  • Louise Anderson
  • Annick Fehr


  • Iturrino, G., Liu, T., Goldberg, D., Anderson, L., Evans, H., Fehr, A., Guerin, G., Inwood, J., Lofi, J., Malinverno, A.,Morgan, S., Mrozewski, S., Slagle, A., and Williams, T. 2013. Performance of the wireline heave compensation system onboard D/V JOIDES resolution. Sci. Drill, 15, 46-50.

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