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Undergraduate courses

Our courses

We offer 'standard' three year courses alongside four year courses with an option to spend a year abroad or in an industry placement.

Computer Science BSc (with optional year in industry or year abroad)
3-4 years, full-time | UCAS codes: G400, G401, G402
Computer science is more than just knowing how to program. It’s about studying the core foundations of computing, managing real-world projects and preparing yourself to enter a field that’s constantly shaping the future. 

Computer Science MComp (with optional year in industry or year abroad)
4-5 years, full-time | UCAS code: G410
As a BSc graduate, your job prospects are solid. But you’re also up against stiff competition. In this MComp degree, you’ll advance your studies to the point where you can enter the industry at a senior level.

Creative Computing, BSc (with optional year in industry or year abroad) 
3-4 years, full-time | UCAS code: G453, G453
Today's digital economy needs tomorrow's leaders to have both creative flair and technical skills - and the business acumen to tie them together. The Creative Computing course is as flexible and innovative as you, giving you the option to study for either a BA or BSc degree.

Software Engineering BSc (with optional year in industry or year abroad)
3-4 years, full-time | UCAS codes: G600, G601, G602
At the highest levels, software drives almost every industry. By combining technical programming expertise with real-world experience, you’ll discover how to shape the way people interact with technology.

Foundation Year Study

Home/EU Students

The STEM Foundation Year is an integral part of a longer degree course, rather than a stand-alone qualification. It will give you the fundamental skills needed to continue straight onto the first year of one of our BSc degrees, laying the foundations for a successful career in your chosen field.

Computer Science BSc with Foundation Year (with optional year in industry or year abroad)
4-5 years, full-time | UCAS code: G991
In an industry as progressive as this one, there’s more than one way to succeed. If you don’t quite have the entry requirements to study computer science at Leicester, this STEM Foundation Year degree is your starting point.

International Students

If you are an international student and are seeking a foundation course, then you will need to apply directly to the Leicester Global Study Centre (LGSC).

The International Foundation Year at the Leicester Global Study Centre (LGSC) offers specialist preparation and support to overseas students who want to access undergraduate degrees at the University of Leicester.

By successfully completing this foundation year, International students can proceed directly to one of our degrees. Find more advice at the University's International Student webpages.

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