Postgraduate programmes

We are a thriving academic community with extensive experience in delivering high quality courses and undertaking pioneering research.

We offer a rich portfolio of advanced courses and a flexible degree structure that will allow you to choose a course that matches an area in which you want to specialise, a profile suitable for the career that you wish to pursue, or simply your interests. Our courses allow you to develop into a highly skilled professional, well versed in advanced methods and tools.

We also offer postgraduate courses by distance learning.

Our courses

Advanced Computer Science MSc
1-2 years, full-time
Make your mark at the forefront of computer science. Whether it’s to boost your professional life, or provide a step towards PhD research, this advanced degree will get you there.

Advanced Computational Methods MSc
1-2 years, full-time
Search engines. Cryptography. Peer-to-peer networks. Applications like these wouldn’t function without smart algorithms. In this degree, you’ll learn how to tackle real-world problems with advanced computational methods.

Advanced Distributed Systems MSc
1-2 years, full-time
Distributed systems play an increasingly key role in our day-to-day lives. With a focus on advanced techniques, you’ll learn how to build software systems that can better meet the demands of distributed platforms.

Advanced Software Engineering MSc 
1-2 years, full-time
Some of the most pressing business challenges can be solved by smartly-designed software. By studying advanced software methods and techniques, you’ll be in high demand across most major industries.

Cloud Computing MSc
1-2 years, full-time
Flexible, inexpensive and capable of handling huge data sets, the cloud is changing the face of computing and business. In this degree, you’ll study this evolving technology at an advanced level.

Human Technology Interaction MSc
12-24 months, full-time
We all interact with technology in some way. But how can this relationship change our lives for the better? In this degree, you’ll learn the theory and practice behind designing and implementing positive interactive technologies.

Specialist programmes in software engineering

Agile Software Engineering Techniques MSc
1-2 years, full-time
In the world of software, change and unpredictability are staples. To meet these challenges head on, software engineers need to adopt agile working strategies and techniques. And this is exactly what this degree is about.

Software Engineering for Financial Services MSc
1-2 years, full-time
Banks, insurance firms and other big financial institutions rely on financial software to embrace changes in the market. You’ll learn how to control current software systems, adapt them, and build new ones for an evolving landscape.

Web Applications and Services MSc
1-2 years, full-time
From online workflow systems to instant messaging services, the convenience of web applications is hard to argue with. But with new trends in technology come new challenges. You’ll learn what it takes to tackle these head-on.

MSc Programmes with Industry

In order to further increase your employability and international experience we are now offering a two-year 'with-industry' variant of all our Masters courses.

  • All programmes share the same structure and regulations, only Software Engineering for Financial Services is slightly different.
  • Admissions are in September and January.
  • Transfers between programmes are possible up to two weeks after registration, and at any time if you wish to transfer to Advanced Computer Science.

MSC programmes with industry

Studying a 'with industry' Masters degree is the perfect way for you to enhance your career prospects and deepen your understanding of your specific area of expertise.

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We offer a number of prizes for outstanding performance in the MSc.

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