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As someone who shares our belief and passion for pioneering research to change lives, we invite you to support Professor Jon Barratt and his team by funding:

  • Key academic posts and bursaries in the world’s best team
  • Professorships – leading the group into new areas of cutting-edge research
  • Advanced Fellowships – supporting the development of future research leaders
  • Post-Doctoral appointments – delivering our novel research programs and collaborations
  • PhD Fellowships – investigating the fundamental causes of IgAN
  • Research environment – the very best laboratories and specialist equipment
  • Bespoke projects – developed in discussion with our donors

Your philanthropic gift is essential to our continuing research and ambitious five-year plan. The impact is certainty. Certainty that we can deliver the highest quality research, maximise our partnerships and leverage more breakthroughs and new treatments for patients and families seeking hope, support and ultimately a cure.

Ten big reasons for you to support our research

  1. We’re delivering real positive change to improve thousands of lives today.
  2. Our talented top team will be even better if we can hire more of the very best people.
  3. The cutting-edge technology we use won’t stay at the cutting edge forever.
  4. Individual donor support helps us leverage even more support through partnership funding.
  5. Our international database of IgAN patients is a world-first.
  6. Donors help us compete for programmatic funding to secure our future.
  7. Together we can help mitigate the unsustainable economic burden of this disease.
  8. Our proven track record of research success speaks for itself – but we have so much more to do.
  9. With your help, we can potentially transform the lives of thousands more patients.
  10. But really you only need one reason. We are dedicated to finding a cure for IgAN.

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