The Leicester IgAN Research Group

Priorities and successes

At the University of Leicester, renowned academic clinician, Professor Jon Barratt and his committed team lead the world in the study of IgAN. They focus on:

  • Turning new scientific knowledge into breakthroughs and new drugs
  • Developing new ways to diagnose the disease earlier
  • Identifying better ways to predict outcomes and plan urgent new treatments
  • Improving the quality of life for thousands of patients and their families

With the best laboratory facilities and resources – including unrivalled access to patients’ tissue samples, cells and biofluids from an extensive worldwide collaborative network – Professor Barratt and his colleagues rapidly translate new findings across geographies and ethnicities. 

With a global reputation and multiple partnerships with pharmaceutical and early stage biotechnology companies the team are working, as quickly as they can, to give hope to hundreds of thousands of patients, internationally. But there is so much more to do.

Top five Leicester successes

  1. Discovered the key abnormality of the IgA molecule that causes IgAN and its genetic basis.
  2. Delivered the first genetic study to identify key risk genes for IgAN.
  3. Drove the development of the international scoring system for IgAN kidney biopsies.
  4. Led the group that produced the international guidelines on how to treat IgAN.
  5. Working with over 25 life sciences industry partners on new approaches to treat IgAN.

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