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Unlocking our sound heritage

Colin Hyde and Richard Wheelband are Oral History experts working on the Unlocking our Sound Heritage project.

Video transcript

We're sitting in the basement of the David Wilson Library on the main campus at the University of Leicester.

We're in the Digitisation Room of the David Wilson Library and we use this room to digitise sound archives, catalogue and prep.

Oral History is recorded interviews with people. One of the things that makes Oral History so useful is that when we are looking at recent events, there's the documentary evidence that's out there, but this gives you a subjective opinion on what people thought they were doing at the time and how they acted on those thoughts and that can be extremely useful for any number of subjects.

We are going to be running training courses working with sound and sound archives.

These are unique resources that are only available at Leicester, and they are here for you as students here.

So come in and have a chat with us if it's something that interests you.

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