Department of Population Health Sciences

Honorary and emeritus staff

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Research Group Key:

  • BIOSTATS: Biostatistics
  • CEHS: Centre for Environmental Health and Sustainability
  • DRC: Diabetes Research Centre
  • EMERITUS: Health sciences retired professor 
  • GEN EPI: Genetic Epidemiology
  • NIHR-RDS: NIHR Research Design Service for the East Midlands
  • SAPPHIRE: Social science APPlied Healthcare and Improvement REsearch
  • TIMMS: The Infant Mortality and Morbidity Studies
Name Email Research Group
Dr Mohammed Abbas   SAPPHIRE
Dr Abdullah Alshibani  SAPPHIRE
Dr Mohammed Al-Uzri  SAPPHIRE
Dr Sarah Baillon   SAPPHIRE
Professor Richard Baker  EMERITUS
Dr Jay Banerjee  SAPPHIRE
Dr Peter Barry  TIMMS
Dr Nicole Baumann   TIMMS
Professor Asit Biswas  SAPPHIRE
Dr Claire Blackmore   CEHS
Dr Lucy Bleazard  SAPPHIRE
Dr Nandini Chakraborty   SAPPHIRE
Dr Rebecca Clough  TIMMS
Professor Mary Dixon-Woods   SAPPHIRE
Dr Philippa Douglas   CEHS
Professor Liz Draper   EMERITUS
Alison Drewett   SAPPHIRE
Dr Tristan Emerson   SAPPHIRE
Professor Christina Faull  SAPPHIRE
Dr Benjamin Fenech   CEHS
Professor David Field   EMERITUS
Dr Amy Fielding  SAPPHIRE
Dr Hannah Forde  DRC
Dr Marwan Habiba   SAPPHIRE
Debbie Hicks   DRC
Dr Zoebia Islam   SAPPHIRE
Professor Julia Jaekel   TIMMS
Angus Jennings  BIOSTATS
Professor David Jones   EMERITUS
Dr Jennifer Jones  SAPPHIRE
Professor Sara Kenyon   TIMMS
Dr Manjiri Khare   TIMMS
Dr Reza Kiani   SAPPHIRE
Professor Justin Konje  EMERITUS
Professor Jennifer Kurinczuk   TIMMS
Dr Jean-Pierre Laake   SAPPHIRE
Dr Glenda Lassi   GEN EPI
Dr Sangyu Lee   BIOSTATS
Dr Steve Levene   SAPPHIRE
Professor James Lindesay   EMERITUS
Tara Maitland   SAPPHIRE
Dr Emma Marczylo  CEHS
Dr Sarwar Mozumder  BIOSTATS
Dr Charlotte Overton   SAPPHIRE
Dr Prashanth Patel   DRC
Dr Tilly Pillay  TIMMS
Dr Anna Plunkett   SAPPHIRE
Dr Neelam Potdar  TIMMS
Professor Michael Reveley  EMERITUS
Professor Damian Roland  SAPPHIRE
Professor David Rowbotham  EMERITUS
Professor Rajesh Sagar  SAPPHIRE
Professor Nuala Sheehan   EMERITUS
Dr Penny Smith   SAPPHIRE
Dr Nicola Spiers  SAPPHIRE
Dr Michael Sweeting  BIOSTATS
Dr James Tawn  SAPPHIRE
Professor John Thompson   EMERITUS
Dr James van Oppen   SAPPHIRE
Dr Latha Velayudhan  SAPPHIRE
Dr Myrto Vlazaki   SAPPHIRE
Dr Susan Wallace  GEN EPI
Professor Paul Watson  EMERITUS
Dr Janet Willars  SAPPHIRE
Dr Lyn Williams   TIMMS
Professor Andrew Wilson  EMERITUS

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