Professor Alice Smith

Professor of Lifestyle Medicine

School/Department: Population Health Sciences, Department of

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I lead the Leicester Kidney Lifestyle Team an internationally renowned multidisciplinary research group which aims to help kidney patients achieve the best possible health and wellbeing through appropriate lifestyle management. The team strive to produce high quality research and to involve patients carers healthcare professionals and stakeholders as partners to ensure delivery of research that meets the needs and expectations of our ultimate user-groups. Our research portfolio includes ~20 single- and multi-centre clinical trials many of which are adopted on the NIHR portfolio and have recruited some 10000 participants from across England.


My primary research interest is the role of physical activity exercise and lifestyle management in kidney disease. My specific background is in inflammation and immune function but my translational research programme encompasses lab-based exploratory and mechanistic work outcome measure evaluation observational and epidemiological studies clinical efficacy trials lifestyle intervention development and effectiveness testing implementation and service evaluation. A strong track record of patient involvement and engagement and qualitative exploration of patient perspectives and experience underpins all the work. 


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Lifestyle and self-management Patient Activation in Chronic Disease Physical function and muscle dysfunction in chronic disease 


Personal Tutor for MBChB Phase 1

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Chronic kidney disease : self-management lifestyle patient experience


Leicester Kidney Lifestyle Team : Standardised Outcomes in Nephrology : Global Renal Exercise : UKKRC Exercise & Lifestyle Clinical Studies Group : 


Bsc (Hons) MSc PhD
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