Bioinformatics and Health Data science group


Software tools and standards

  • Café Variome is a complete data discovery solution designed to provide a general-purpose, web-based tool that can be quickly installed by any genotype-phenotype data owner, or network of data owners. Cafe Variome allows safe or sensitive content to be appropriately discoverable in a manner that maintains participant anonymity by allowing data owners to set their data to one of three levels of access.
  • GWAS Central is an enhanced graphical-based genome-wide association study (GWAS) resource which combines the best features of a database and a scientific journal. GWAS Central is the world's largest openly accessible online collection of summary-level GWAS association information. 
  • LeHMR is a simple platform that enables PIs, or nominated members of their team, to manage/submit metadata about their datasets (e.g., description, researchers, publications, data use conditions) so that they can be easily discovered by internal and external researchers.
  • DUC
  • Beacon

Research projects

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