The Centre for Hate Studies

Standing Together Against Hate

Hate crime is an escalating problem within the UK, affecting people of all ages and from all backgrounds. Research conducted by the Centre for Hate Studies has shown that hate crime and online harassment causes significant emotional and physical damage to the wellbeing of victims, and spreads fear and concern within wider communities.

In response to these growing problems, the University of Leicester launched a project, ‘Standing Together Against Hate’, which was co-funded by HEFCE. This project led to:

  • The development of new student-led awareness-raising campaign
  • The delivery of hate crime training to students and staff
  • The opening of a new third-party reporting centre at the Students’ Union

This project was led by the Centre for Hate Studies, and delivered collaboratively with the University of Leicester's Students’ Union, Student Support Services, Estates and Campus Services and the Equalities Unit.

We drew from our pioneering work within the Centre for Hate Studies and maximised the project’s impact both within and beyond the University, and we have established a network of local, public and third-sector organisations who supported the programme of activities.

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