a large group of students in robes at a graduation ceremony

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Academic dress

Academic dress

The wearing of academic robes can be traced back to medieval Europe, when all students were in clerical orders. Today, the robes worn by graduating students, academics and dignitaries form a distinctive element of the graduation regalia.

Academic dress comprises a gown, a coloured hood and a hat, the shape and colour of all of which differ from institution to institution. Gowns for graduating students at Leicester are traditionally black. The colour and pattern of hood varies depending on the award received.

Members of the academic procession wear the academic dress associated with the university from which they graduated, creating the rich variety of colours you see at the ceremony.

Don’t forget you need to order your academic dress from our supplier Ede and Ravenscroft before your ceremony and collect it on campus from the Charles Wilson Sports Hall on the day.

If you do not order your academic dress in time, it won't be available on the day and you will not be able to take part in the ceremony (you will still receive your degree.)

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