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Geology PhD students

Name Email Research theme Research title
Bob Bamberg Solid Earth The physical and mechanical properties of natural fault zones in basaltic volcanic rocks
Lewis Banks  Solid Earth  Advancing micro-analytical isotopic and trace-element ICP-MS techniques for future applications to ore genesis and exploration
Matteo Battini Evolution and Past Environments
Dining after the dinosaurs? Dietary diversity and niche partitioning in Palaeocene mammals
Katie Baumber Solid Earth  Relating changes in melt genesis to dynamic conditions of the demise of a continental arc: Antarctic Peninsula arc 
Rachel Belben  Evolution and Past Environments
The anatomy, function and evolutionary history of the pterosaur bauplan - a taphonomic approach
Jessica Berry Solid Earth An integrated accessory mineral approach to understanding post-subduction magmas and mineralisation
Daniel Bowden-Haynes Solid Earth Catastrophic emplacement and depositional processes during large asteroid impacts: lithofacies analysis and applied volcanology, Manicouagan (Canada) and Chicxulub (Mexico)
Samuel Bright Solid Earth  From Genesis to Displacement: testing models of Caledonian granitoid plutonism using the Strontian and Foyers complexes, Scotland
Kate Canham Solid Earth Controls on the metallurgy of sulfide mineralisation of the Northern Limb of the Bushveld Complex
John Cartwright Evolution and Past Environments
Box-stone diagenesis in the Northampton Sand Formation (MPhil)
Sofia Chinaglia Solid Earth  Crustal formation on a pre-plate tectonic Earth: An Andean analogue 
Molly Desorgher Contemporary Environments  Sustainable use of water in the mutualistic cities of the near future 
Efeoghene Enaworu  Solid Earth  Pore to field scale rock typing and reservoir characterisation
Alice Fugagnoli Contemporary Environments
Plastic, a new anthropogenic component of the geological cycle: its chemical and physical behaviour and transformation
Reven Gibaga Solid Earth  Resource or Environmental Liability? Development of Novel Ground Imaging Tools to identify critical metals and environmental susceptibility in legacy mine wastes 
Tom Green Evolution and Past Environments
A hidden record of early animal evolution? Exploring the Cambrian diversity of acritarchs and small carbonaceous fossils. 
Stephen Himson  Evolution and Past Environments
Are invasive species ('neobiota') a biostratigraphical and biological marker of the Anthropocene?
Rachael Holmes Evolution and Past Environments  Tracing the geological signature of a human-induced transformation of the biosphere in Indonesia
Tayyaba Khurram  Solid Earth  Evaluating the shale gas potential of Carboniferous Bowland-Hodder Shales in Britain 
Hedwig Krawczyk Evolution and Past Environments SIOPACT - Developing a 250 year climate record for the Southeastern Indian Ocean sector of the Indo-PACific warm pool and its global climate Teleconnections 
Bethan McCarroll Solid Earth
Impact-cratering in Scotland: field investigation of the emplacement, sedimentology and environmental effects of a major impact-event
Anna McGairy Evolution and past Environments
The early Palaeozoic evolution of Vietnam
Edward McGowan Solid Earth Eruption source vents and subsidence patterns in exhumed caldera volcanoes, English Lake District
Walid Naciri  Evolution and Past Environments
Unlocking Past and Present Climatic and Anthropogenic Drivers of Environmental Change Influencing Miri-Sibuti Coral Reefs National Park (Borneo, Malaysia)
Vanessa Neo Evolution and Past Environments  Improving thermal stress prediction for coral reefs from observational, modelled and proxy datasets across the Tropics.  
Alexander Rutson Solid Earth Unpicking global mantle convection influences from the local: investigating asthenospheric versus lithospheric constraints on the evolution of landscapes
Rab Smyth Evolution and Past Environments Pteraichnites’ and their implications for pterosaur terrestrial palaeoecology and evolution
Chris Stockey Evolution and Past Environments Ecological drivers and evolutionary patterns: diet, feeding, evolution and extinction in conodonts
George Stonadge Solid Earth 
Accessory Minerals as Fertility Indicators in Copper Porphyry Deposit Formation
James Symons Solid Earth Understanding and mitigating the environmental impacts of metal ore processing wastes from “green” solvents 
Nicky Taylor Solid Earth Image analysis and mass petrography
Erin Thompson Solid Earth Primary controls on the emplacement of mineralised magmatic units in the northern Bushveld Complex
Lauren Tuffield   Solid Earth Fertility of subduction and post subduction magmatism associated with porphyry- and epithermal-Cu-Au mineralisation in the Aegean using zircon geochronology and geochemistry 
Lara Tritton Solid Earth A geometallurgical approach to maximising value of Te, Bi, and W by-products at Björkdal Gold Mine, Sweden
Yasmin Yonan  Evolution and Past Environments
The marine Anthropocene and the law of the sea
Manlin Zhang Evolution and Past Environments Unlocking Western Tropical Indian Ocean temperature and hydroclimate back to the Little Ice Age and the Holocene, reconstructed from coral geochemistry

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