Department of Genetics and Genome Biology

Professional and College Services

Please precede telephone numbers with +44 (0)116 when dialling from outside the area.

Professional Services staff

Name Position Telephone Email Location
Ruth Godfrey Education Officer 271 2933 Botanic Garden, Oadby
Dr Celia Hansen Technician 252 2266 ADR 311
Mischa Haria Technician 223 1022 MSB 230 
Sarah Laband  Departmental Secretary and PA to Head of Department  252 3438  ADR 214A 
Diana Martin  Technician  252 3413  ADR G19 
Steph Moutrey  Departmental Operations Manager  223 1658  ADR 213D 
Ramesh Patel  Technician  252 3397
252 2266  ADR 201/311 
Helen Roe  Senior Technician  252 3317  ADR 124 
Jill Theaker Research Support Officer MSB
Alexander Thomson Technician ADR 
Ceinwen Tilley Technician ADR
Tony Wardle
Technical Services Manager 252 3388
ADR 214B
Jo White Staffing Administrator 223 1504 ADR 213C

College Finance Team 1

Name Position Telephone Email Location
Cheryl Adams Finance Assistant 252 5471 Worksmart, Hodgkin Building
Cortese Finance Assistant 252 5906

Worksmart, Hodgkin Building
Dr Sue Hardy Finance Assistant 252 3736

Worksmart, Hodgkin Building
Michael Jordan Finance Administrator (Team Lead) 252 3437

Worksmart, Hodgkin Building
Sally Munton Finance Assistant 252 3270

Worksmart, Hodgkin Building
Aysha Rassul Finance Assistant -

 Worksmart, Hodgkin Building

College Services staff

Name Team Telephone Email Location
Dr Nicolas Sylvius  Genomics service  252 3365  ADR G23 
Reshma Vaghela  Genomics service  252 3365
252 3375  ADR G23/G27 
Ian Townson  IT team  223 1800  ADR 229 
PGR Degree Coordinator CLS Postgraduate Research Degrees Team

Location key

  • ADR: Adrian Building
  • MSB: Maurice Shock Building

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