Research in Geology falls into three principal groups. Our research is recognised internationally at the highest levels, and each group is engaged in national and international collaborative and interdisciplinary activities.

Evolution and Past Environments

Evolution and Past Environments is concerned with reconstructing environmental conditions from “deep time” (Palaeozoic and Cenozoic) to the Anthropocene using various kinds of geological analysis. It includes the Centre for Palaeobiology.

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Solid Earth

The Solid Earth theme concerns all aspects of the structure, composition and dynamics of the solid earth. It includes the Centre for Sustainable Resource Extraction.

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Contemporary Environments

Contemporary Environments considers fundamental and applied aspects of environmental processes and human impacts on the environment. It includes the Centre for Landscape and Climate Research (CLCR).

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We welcome enquiries from research students and postdoctoral and academic researchers who are interested in working in a thriving and active university research environment at the cutting edge of research in the Earth Sciences.

School-wide research

Science for the responsible management of our environment is the unifying theme for environment-focused research in the School of Geography, Geology and the Environment.

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