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What is the admissions quota for the JEP (joint educational programme) undergraduate programme in Clinical Medicine?

This project is part of Chongqing Medical University (CQMU)'s Undergraduate Admission Scheme. Every year, 115 Chinese students are admitted via China National College Entrance Examination (NCEE) (commonly known as the Gaokao). For the detailed enrolment plan, please refer to the information published by each provincial educational authority.



Applicants from which provinces across People’s Republic of China will be enrolled for the JEP undergraduate programme in Clinical Medicine?

The 2020 CQMU’sJEP undergraduate programme in Clinical Medicine Recruitment Plan

Chongqing Medical University (CQMU) would like to recruit total 115 Chinese students from following provinces in 2020. Please refer to the Gaokao recruitment plan published by each provincial educational authority as final draft.

Course Title: JEP undergraduate programme in Clinical Medicine

The specific allocated admissions quota for each provinces and/or cities are as follows. Gaokao pathway/category in Science and Engineering refers to G-SE. Gaokao pathway/category in in Literature and History refers to G-LH.

  • Hebei province: 5 in G-SE, 0 in G-LH, 5 in total
  • Henan province: 5 in G-SE, 0 in G-LH, 5 in total
  • Anhui province: 5 from G-SE, 0 from G-LH, 5 in total
  • Hunan province: 5 from G-SE, 0 from G-LH, 5 in total
  • Jiangxi province: 5 from G-SE, 0 from G-LH, 5 in total
  • Shandong province: 5 from G-SE, 0 from G-LH, 5 in total
  • Zhejiang province: 5 from G-SE, 0 from G-LH, 5 in total
  • Fujian province: 5 from G-SE, 0 from G-LH, 5 in total
  • Guizhou province: 5 from G-SE, 0 from G-LH, 5 in total
  • Chongqing city: 35 from G-SE, 5 from G-LH, 40 in total
  • Sichuan province: 30 from G-SE, 0 from G-LH, 30 in total

Total: 110 from G-SE, 5 from G-LH.






  • 河北: 理工 类5名 ,文史类 0,合计5名
  • 河南: 理工 类5名 ,文史类 0,合计5名
  • 安徽: 理工 类5名 ,文史类 0,合计5名
  • 湖南: 理工 类5名 ,文史类 0,合计5名
  • 江西: 理工 类5名 ,文史类 0,合计5名
  • 山东: 理工 类5名 ,文史类 0,合计5名
  • 浙江: 理工 类5名 ,文史类 0,合计5名
  • 福建: 理工 类5名 ,文史类 0,合计5名
  • 贵州: 理工 类5名 ,文史类 0,合计5名
  • 重庆 : 理工 类35名, 文史类 5名,合计40名
  • 四川: 理工 类30名,文史 0,合计30名

合计: 理工类 110名,文史类 5名

What is the teaching and curriculum of the JEP undergraduate programme in Clinical Medicine?

The core curriculum of is taught by outstanding teachers from the University of Leicester and Chongqing Medical University (CQMU). CQMU teachers include famous professors, distinguished teachers and national first-class bilingual teaching winners. The course adopts English university’s teaching management system, established the Management Committee, Academic Committee, Examination Committee, Joint Committee for Students and Teachers, etc. so as to conduct overall monitoring and oversight of teaching quality, and to guarantee the rigour and integrity of English university’s teaching system in medical education.



How much is the tuition fee of the JEP undergraduate programme in Clinical Medicine?

The standard tuition fees for each student undertaking the course at Chongqing Medical University is RMB 62,000.00 Yuan per year (based on tuition fees approved by Chongqing Municipal authorities ). If the student were selected to study at the University of Leicester, the student will follow international student tuition fee set by the University of Leicester at that academic year.



What is the difference between the JEP undergraduate programme in Clinical Medicine and other undergraduate programme in Clinical Medicine? What would be expected admission scores and rankings?

In principle, JEP programme recruitment plan is carried out, by means of separate school codes (or file units) and specialty codes in each province. JEP programme is a high-cost specialty. Please pay attention to this note that CQMU will not actively transfer the candidate to this JEP programme if the candidate did not apply for this course in the application at first place.



What is the graduation certificate and degree certificate from CQMU the International Medical College? May students practice medicine and continue on taking entrance exams for Chinese postgraduate degrees?

Qualified graduates of this course will receive a “dual degree”: a bachelor's degree in clinical medicine from the Chongqing Medical University and, at the same time, a bachelor's degree in clinical science from the University of Leicester. The degree and graduation certificate for a Bachelor of Medicine in Clinical Medicine is issued by the Chongqing Medical University and they are identical to the one for General Clinical Medicine major. Students graduate in the same way as graduates of general clinical medicine, and are qualified to take the specialised qualification examination for practicing physicians, practice medicine in China, or choose to sit the entrance exam for postgraduate study or continue to pursue advanced studies.



What kind of candidates are recommended to apply for this course?

  1. The candidate is interested in medicine and has an ambition to save the dying and nurse the wounded;
  2. The candidate is willing to undertake clinical and scientific work. This project cultivates the combined qualities of scientific research and skills in clinical treatment;
  3. The candidate has a good foundation in the English language;
  4. The candidate can study autonomously and is self-disciplined.






Does this JEP programme in Clinical Medicine require additional English tests? When the course started, is there any additional English study to help students transition to a fully English-taught environment?

This JEP programme requires candidates’ English exam score no less than 115 points in the college entrance examination, and no oral exam is required. Since the core curriculum of this course is taught in English, we encourage candidates who are interested in English and have a fairly good foundation in English to apply for this course. The International medical college creates a good English learning atmosphere. The first year of this course is specially designed highly intensive English language modules which adopt small group teaching and seminars and English-style education to strengthen the students’ overall English proficiency.



Are there any opportunities for the students of JEP programme in Clinical Medicine to transfer to other undergraduate programme?

In principle, students admitted to the JEP programme in Clinical Medicine are not allowed to transfer to other undergraduate programmes. If the student were eliminated due to learning difficulties, CQMU will make a separate provision. JEP programme in Clinical Medicine is still in its early stages and CQMU International Medical College currently demonstrates the possibility of transferring students from other undergraduate programmes into this JEP. Please follow the relevant measures announced by the CQMU International Medical College.



Will the students who participate in this course have to study abroad? What is the training mode at CQMU International Medical College?

This specialised 5-year academic project adopts the “one programme, two schools, five years” system and is in line with world-renowned universities. On the basis of Chongqing Medical University-led “from basics to comprehensive clinical understanding” integrated course system, blending with the University of Leicester’s advanced medical teaching principles and methods, this mode of training is tailor-made for the students of this JEP programme in Clinical Medicine. From years 1 to 3 the students study at the Chongqing Medical University. The 4th year is an embedded English style undergraduate study in Clinical Science (students who perform outstandingly may directly go to the UK for a 1 year exchange study at the University of Leicester). During the 5th year, the student will be attached to a Chongqing Medical University affiliated hospital or teaching hospital, to carry out clinical practice until the graduation exam.



What are the advantages of English-Chinese dual-degree students in employment and career development? After their graduation, are they able to continue their study or employment overseas with dual degrees?

  1. Outstanding graduates from this course, as they will be in possession of an international and China national recognised competitive post, will not only gain the opportunity to be recommended for a Chongqing Medical University exam-exempt postgraduate degree, but may also apply to other postgraduate degree across other Chinese universities and the University of Leicester in the UK, or seek employment in medical treatment, teaching and research in medicine and healthcare industry.
  2. After graduating, students may become clinicians, conduct medical research or pursue advanced studies in China. We encourage graduates to apply for a Master’s programme or doctoral studies at the University of Leicester. The University of Leicester also very much welcomes the students from the CQMU International medical college.




What scholarships are available for the JEP undergraduate programme in Clinical Medicine?

The students are eligible to apply for all the scholarships which are listed in the Chongqing Medical University (CQMU)'s student scholarship and rewards regulations. Except this, the students with outstanding academic performance are eligible to apply for dedicated scholarships set by the CQMU International medical college, such as ‘scholarships for excellence’, ‘study abroad scholarship’ etc.



How can I contact if I got further enquiries?

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