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Dr Gijs Rommelse

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My alma mater was Leiden University (the Netherlands), where I obtained my MA in 1999 and my PhD in 2006. I also spent three years as a graduate student at University College London, where I did much of the research for both degrees. I have had various teaching jobs in the Netherlands, worked as a researcher at the Netherlands Institute of Military History and was a research fellow at the Netherlands National Maritime Museum in Amsterdam. I am currently Head of History at the Haarlemmermeer Lyceum in Hoofddorp (the Netherlands).

Research interests:

I specialize in seventeenth and eighteenth century political and military cultures. I have published on Anglo-Dutch relations, naval ideologies, prisoners of war, privateering and political economy. My current book project is titled The Dutch and their fleet. National identity and sea power, 1570-1815. Together with Dr. Ismini Pells, I intend to conduct a comparative research project into military welfare in England and the Dutch Republic during the third quarter of the seventeenth century.

Selected publications:

  • The Dutch in the Early Modern World. A History of a Global Power (Cambridge University Press, expected June 2019) (together with David Onnekink)
  • Ideologies of Western Naval Power, c. 1500-1815 (Routledge, expected July 2019) (edited volume, together with Alan James and J.D. Davies)
  • 'Negative mirror images in Anglo-Dutch relations 1650-1674' in: Lotte Jensen (ed.), The roots of nationalism. National identity formation in early modern Europe 1600-1815 (Amsterdam 2016), 199-216.
  • 'Victims of an ideological rift? Dutch prisoners of war during the First Anglo-Dutch War (1652-1654)', in: Journal of Military History 80 (3) (2016), 649-669. (with Roger Downing)
  • 'Political agendas and the contestable legality of privateering: the case of the Dutch-Portuguese War (1657-1662)', in: Forum Navale: Sjöhistoriska Samfundet 69 (2013), 10-33.
  • 'An early modern naval revolution? The relationship between economic reason of state and maritime warfare' in: Journal for Maritime Research 13 (2) (2011), 138-150.
  • Ideology and Foreign Policy, 1650-1750 (Ashgate, 2011) (edited volume, together with David Onnekink)
  • A Fearful Gentleman. Sir George Downing in The Hague, 1658-1672 (Verloren, 2011) (together with Roger Downing)
  • 'The role of mercantilism in Anglo-Dutch political relations, 1650-1674' in: Economic History Review 63 (3) (2010), 591-611.
  • 'Prizes and profits: Dutch maritime trade during the Second Anglo-Dutch War' in: International Journal of Maritime History 19 (2) (2007), 139-159.
  • The Second Anglo-Dutch War (1665-1667). International Raison d’état, Mercantilism and Maritime Strife (Verloren, 2006)
  • The complete list of publications can be consulted on: http://gijsrommelse.weebly.com

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