We offer an extensive range of postgraduate study courses including traditional Master of Science (MSc) courses and a Master in Engineering Management (MEM) course. Full-time and part-time campus-based study is available in a variety of disciplines. Part-time courses, however, are only available to Home/EU students owing to visa restrictions. Most of our courses are available to be taken with a Year in Industry

Our postgraduate students come from a wide range of backgrounds, with students from the Africa, The Americas, Asia, Europe and, of course, the UK.

Our courses

Master of Science (MSc) programmes:

Advanced Electrical and Electronic Engineering MSc
1-2 years, full- or part-time
Advance your learning and you’ll advance your electrical and electronic engineering job prospects. For a complex field, it’s a simple solution. You’ll cover everything from communications and signal processing through to control engineering.

Advanced Mechanical Engineering MSc
1-2 years, full- or part-time
In a field as innovative as this one, there’s always another level you can reach. This Masters in mechanical engineering covers everything from advanced fluid dynamics and solid mechanics, to working on real-world mechanical engineering projects.

Advanced Mechanical Engineering with Management MSc
1-2 years, full- or part-time
A mechanical engineering career often takes more than technical expertise. This degree combines advanced-level learning with management theory and practice – everything you need to make a real impact out in the field.

Embedded Systems and Control Engineering MSc
1-2 years, full- or part-time
From toasters to space flights, all manner of systems rely on control engineering to manage, command and regulate their behaviour. Using cutting-edge techniques, you’ll learn how to design embedded systems at an advanced level.

Information and Communication Engineering MSc
1-2 years, full- or part-time
In a world that’s becoming more connected every day, communications engineering has never been more important. Backed by theory and driven by practice, this advanced degree will give you the technical know-how to make it in the industry.

Master in Engineering Management:

Our Master of Engineering Management (MEM) is a new qualification designed for those who are looking to add practical business and leadership skills to their existing technical knowledge for a management career in an engineering or technological organisation. If you see yourself as an engineering leader of the future, then this is the course for you.

Master of Engineering Management (MEM)
1-2 years, full- or part-time
The engineering challenges of the future are massive. And we need exceptional people to lead the way. This Masters in engineering management fuses your existing technical knowledge with practical business and leadership skills.


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