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Leicester City Council

Noise from domestic, commercial and industrial sources can be annoying, disturb sleep and cause distress to neighbours. The council can assess and take action on domestic noise, please report any concerns regarding noise to the council.

  • Loud music and musical instruments
  • Parties
  • Outdoor events.

Advice for minimising impact of noise

This is information which we share with students when we receive a complaint:

Leicester City Council's Noise Pollution Team

Anti-social behaviour

If anti-social behaviour is causing alarm or distress to you or the community where you live you should report it. Leicester City Council work with partner agencies, residents, landlords and businesses to tackle neighbour nuisance and anti-social behaviour in Leicester.

You can help us to tackle disorder in your community by reporting anti-social behaviour when you see it. Reporting anti-social behaviour can prevent the problem from continuing as well as escalating, therefore it will also help to make your neighbourhood a safer place to live.

Covid breaches

If you become aware of COVID-19 breaches actively taking place in the community, you can report these formally to the police using the online reporting form or by calling 101. The University work closely with the police so any COVID breaches they attend to in the community and identify as University of Leicester students, will be passed onto our Student Conduct Team and they can use this as evidence.

If you have any concerns to raise with the University, please fill in the form below. This will be passed to our Community team who will respond to you and ascertain if students are involved and make contact with them as required. If the complaint is in relation to noise, please ensure you contact the Council as well. 

The University have clear expectations in relation to student conduct and behaviour, which students agree to abide by when they register with us. Students may be subject to formal disciplinary proceedings where these regulations are not adhered to. 

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