​After submitting your application



This will be carried out by our admissions tutors, all of whom teach on the PGCE course. School Direct applications will be shortlisted by experts from the School Direct provider, supported by the University.


This will be carried out by our subject specialist admissions tutors, all of whom teach on the PGCE course. School Direct applications will be shortlisted in partnership with experts from the School Direct provider.

Selection days

All those shortlisted for a PGCE place (including School Direct) are required to attend a University of Leicester or school-based selection day.

School Direct applicants are required to attend a school-based selection day. Depending on the provider, applicants may also need to take part in a second selection day at the University. These applicants will only proceed to the University selection day if successful within the school.

If you apply to more than one University of Leicester PGCE course, you will only need to attend one University selection day. For example, if you apply to a University-led PGCE programme as well as a School Direct partner programme which required a University selection day, you will attend a selection day at the school, and then only one at the University (for both your University-led and School Direct applications).

School-based selection days

It varies between schools, but your selection day will typically include opportunities to interact with pupils in a classroom setting, informal discussions with pupils and teachers, and a formal interview. This part of the selection process cannot be completed remotely (via Skype, for example), so candidates must be willing to travel to attend.

To find out more about how each School Direct provider organises its selection days, we recommend that you contact them directly.

University of Leicester selection days

Primary and secondary interviews are held on different days. On secondary selection days, applicants from all subject specialisms are invited to attend together.

Our typical selection day includes the following:

  • An introduction to the University of Leicester PGCE
  • A group task and discussion
  • An individual interview (secondary candidates are interviewed by subject specialists)
  • A written task
  • A tour of the School of Education

Assessment criteria

Our selectors are looking for evidence of the following:

  • Depth and breadth of subject knowledge
  • Ability to express yourself clearly and logically
  • Capacity to reflect on your own educational experience
  • Sense of responsibility and commitment to teaching
  • Level of confidence, combined with a balanced outlook
  • Ability to embrace and support diversity
  • Creativity in thinking
  • Content and structure of ideas
  • Enthusiasm and energy
  • Ability to engage and involve others
  • Knowledge and understanding of topics discussed
  • Sensitivity to and dialogue with others
  • Awareness of the social and cultural importance of education, and current educational issues
  • Knowledge of, and potential to relate to, primary/secondary age children
  • Quality of written expression


Following the selection day we will let you know if you have:

  • An unconditional offer
  • A conditional offer: an offer of a place on the course, conditional on you meeting specific requirements which we will set out in our letter to you (e.g. passing the professional skills test)
  • Been unsuccessful this time and not secured a place on the course

As well as receiving confirmation of the outcome of the selection day in writing from the University, you will be notified formally by UCAS Teacher Training (UCASTT).

Accepting an offer

If you would like to accept our offer, you should go to the UCASTT website and select the relevant course as your firm choice. You should complete the documentation sent with your offer and return it to us as soon as possible.

Once we know you have accepted our offer, we will contact you about obtaining a DBS disclosure.

We will send you more information about your course closer to the start date.

If you're unsure about anything or need advice on an application you have submitted, get in touch with our Primary and Secondary PGCE teams.