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Research articles from the UK press

Journal articles

Bloom, L R (1999), 'Interpreting interpretation: Gender, sexuality and the practice of not reading straight', International Journal of Qualitative Studies in Education, 12:4, 331-345 

Chang, Y-K (2005), 'Through Queers' Eyes: Critical Educational Ethnography in Queer Studies', Review of Education, Pedagogy and Cultural Studies, 27:2, 171-208

Francis, B (1999), 'Modernist Reductionism or Post-structuralist Relativism: Can we move on? An Evaluation of the Arguments in Relation to Feminist Educational Research', Gender and Education, 11:4, 381-393

Grace P A, Hill J R, Johnson W C and Lewis B J (2004), 'In other words: Queer voices/dissident subjectivities impelling social change', International Journal of Qualitative Studies in Education, 17:3, 301-324

Nixon D and Givens N (2004), '"Miss, you're so gay." Queer stories from trainee teachers', Sex Education, 4:3, 217-237

Russell, V T (2010), 'Queer teachers' ethical dilemmas regarding queer youth', Teaching Education, 21:2, 143-156

Toynton, N (2006), '"Invisible other": Understanding safe spaces for queer learners and teachers in adult education', Studies in the Education of Adults, 38:2, 178-194

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