Leicester International Institute, Dalian University of Technology 大连理工大学莱斯特国际学院

Transfer Opportunities 学生交流

The DLI is based at DUT’s Panjin campus. Students may elect to study the entire programme in China. Alternatively, a core element of the establishment of the DLI is to enable student mobility while still ensuring that they are eligible to receive both degrees for which they registered.  As such, students are able to move between DUT and UoL at various points within their studies. In all cases students will graduate with both a DUT degree and a UoL degree.


Transfer is only possible at the start of an academic year. Due to the differing academic calendars and scheduling constraints it is not possible to transfer part way through the year. Students wishing to transfer to UoL are expected to complete the necessary transfer process at DLI and DUT. In order to be eligible to transfer to UoL, at the end of the academic year in DUT students must have met specified academic thresholds.


Routes of study

The following routes of study will potentially be available to students registered within the DLI.  The core curricula of the programmes delivered through DLI mirrors exactly the UoL curriculum in the equivalent subject area. From an academic and pedagogic perspective this core allows for student transfer between the institutions at multiple levels, as set out below.  Optional module availability may vary depending on whether a student is studying at UoL or DUT, however module availability will be set out in the relevant programme specifications in advance of transfer.


4+0 Route 

Students will undertake 4 years of study entirely at DUT.


2+1+1 Route 

Students will undertake an initial 2 years’ study at DUT, transfer to UoL to undertake the second year of the equivalent degree programme delivered at UoL before returning to DUT for the final year of their studies.


2+2 Route 

Students will undertake the first two years of study at DUT and then transfer to UoL to complete their programme.  Students will enter directly into the second year of the equivalent degree programme at UoL.


3+1 Route 

Students will undertake the first three years of study at DUT and then transfer to UoL to complete their programme.  Students will enter directly into the final year of the equivalent degree programme at UoL.


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