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2000 publications

Obtaining single stimulus evoked potentials with Wavelet Denoising

Physica D, 145: 278-292; 2000 by Quian Quiroga R.

Kullback-Leibler and Renormalized Entropy: Applications to EEGs of Epilepsy Patients

Phys Rev. E, 62: 8380-8386; 2000 by Quian Quiroga R, Arnhold J, Lehnertz K and Grassberger P

Learning driver-response relationships from synchronization patterns

Phys Rev. E, 61: 5142-5148; 2000 by Quian Quiroga R, Arnhold J and Grassberger P.

The reticular thalamic nucleus is involved in left-right EEG synchronization

van Luijtelaar ELJM, Welting J and Quian Quiroga R

Influence of the power spectrum of the consecutive auditory evoked potential in rats

Jongsma M, van Rijn C, Quian Quiroga R, Schijk W, Dirksen R and Coenen A

Phase locking of event-related alpha oscillations

Quian Quiroga R, Basar E and Schürmann M

1999 publications

Functions and sources of evoked EEG alpha oscillations studied with the Wavelet Transform

Clin. Neurophysiol., 110: 643-654; 1999 by Quian Quiroga R and Schürmann M.

Wavelet-entropy: a measure of order in evoked potentials

Electr. Clin. Neurophysiol. (Suppl.), 49: 298-302; 1999 by Quian Quiroga R, Rosso O and Basar E.


1998 publications

La utilidad del EEG cuantificado en Neurofisiologia Clinica

Archivos de Neurologia, Neurocirugia y Neuropsiquiatria; 2: 34-43; 1998 by Garcia H and Quian Quiroga R.

Time-Frequency analysis of electroencephalogram series (III): Information Transfer Function and Wavelets Packets

Phys. Rev. E, 57: 932-940; 1998 by Blanco S, Figliola A, Quian Quiroga R and Rosso O.

Wavelet-Entropy applied to Brain Signal Analysis

Proceedings of the IX European Signal Processing Conference, Island of Rhodes, Greece. N Kalouptsidis, I Pitas and A Stouraims (eds.), vol IV, pp: 2445-2448; 1998 by Rosso O, Quian Quiroga R, Blanco S, Figliola A and Basar E.

Wavelet analysis of visual evoked potentials: alpha responses

In: Recent advances in human neurophysiology. I Hashimoto and R Kakigi (eds.). Elsevier Science, pp: 450-454; 1998 by Quian Quiroga R and Schürmann M.

Nonlinear Dynamical Analysis of Scalp EEG Epileptic Series

In: Instabilities and Non-Equilibrium Structures VI. E Tirapegui and J Martinez (eds.). Kluwer Academic Press; 1998 by Blanco S, Creso J, Figliola A, Quian Quiroga R and Rosso O.

Chaos in Brain Function

In: Brain Oscillations: Principles and Approaches, by E Basar, Springer Verlag, 1998 by Basar E and Quian Quiroga R. 

1997 publications

Searching for Hidden Information with Gabor Transform in Generalized Tonic-Clonic Seizures

Electroenceph. and Clin. Neurophysiol., 103: 434-439; 1997 by Quian Quiroga R, Blanco S, Rosso O, Garcia H and Rabinowicz A.

Time Distribution of Epileptic Seizures during Video-EEG monitoring. Implications for our health insurance system

Seizure, 6: 475-477; 1997 by Quian Quiroga R, Pirra L, Podestá C and Rabinowicz A.

Characterization of epileptic EEG time series (I): Gabor transform and nonlinear dynamic methods

Blanco S, Kochen S, Quian Quiroga R, Riquelme L, Rosso OA and Salgado P

In: Wavelet theory and harmonic analysis in applied sciences

Edited by EM Fernandez Verdaguer and CA D'Attellis. Birkhouser, pp:179-221; 1997

1995 publications

Time-frequency analysis of EEG series

Physical Review E 51: 2624; 1995 by Blanco S, Quian Quiroga R, Rosso O and Kochen S.

Stationarity of the EEG series

IEEE Engineering in Medicine and Biology. July-August: 395-399; 1995 by Blanco S, García H, Quian Quiroga R, Romanelli L and Rosso O.

Single-Cell Responses to Face Adaptation in the Human Medial Temporal Lobe

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