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2020 news

New conversation with Nerdist

19th August 2020 - Rodrigo talks to Tai Gooden

Rodrigo has recently been in conversation with Nerdist about Inception and The Matrix - and about the debates in ancient philosophy and modern neuroscience that are reflected in these films.

The full text of the interview can be found at Neuroscience Fiction Ties Classic Films to Scientific Studies.

Rodrigo talks to Leslie Lee III and Jack Allison

6th August 2020 -Neuroscience Fiction

Rodrigo talks to Struggle Session about NeuroScience Fiction: listen now on Soundcloud.

New episode of Sci-Fi Talk podcast

23rd July 2020 - Sci-Fi Talk podcast 

In this new episode of Sci-Fi Talk, Rodrigo discusses NeuroScience Fiction with host Tony Tellado.

New podcast episode from Science Rehashed

1st July 2020 - Science Rehashed

Rodrigo talks to Mehdi Jorfi and Shen Ning. 

In the latest episode of the Science Rehashed podcast, Rodrigo discusses the role of the Jennifer Aniston neuron in human memory and its implications for uniquely human intelligence.

Listen now: The Jennifer Aniston Neuron: Insights into Human Concept Cells

'Inside the mind' interview

26th May 2020 - SEISMA magazine

In a new interview in the 'Inside the mind' series, Rodrigo talks to Dwaynica Greaves about the search for answers to the big question, 'What makes us human?' - and says that science, philosophy and the creative arts are all in conversation around this topic.

New article in Muy Interesante (Spain)

11th May 2020 - Muy Intersante 

A new article in Muy Interesante looks at the role of the 'Jennifer Aniston neuron', or 'concept cell', in memory formation.

New article in PNAS

6th May 2020 - Coloured representation of neurons

In this new paper, Rodrigo discusses the interplay of mind and brain with reference to Kringelbach et al., 'Dynamic coupling of whole-brain neuronal and nerotransmitter systems'. Read the article 'Closing the gap between mind and brain with the dynamic connectome'.

New review in Estandarte

30th April 2020 - Review of Qué es la memoria

A journey through the most remarkable discoveries about memory, from ancient times to today. Rodrigo's book Qué es la memoria was reviewed in Estandarte on 29 April.

Brain-Inspired Podcast talk

28th April 2020 - Episode #68 Neuroscience Fiction

In a new episode of the Brain-Inspired Podcast, Rodrigo discusses sci-fi films and much more besides.

NeuroScience Fiction release dates

24th April 2020 - Neuroscience Fiction

Rodrigo Quian Quiroga's latest book, NeuroScience Fiction, will be published in the US on 28 April and in the UK on 14 May.

In his book, Rodrigo explores the cutting-edge work in neuroscience that is turning out-of-this-world sci-fi premises into everyday reality -- and asks what the implications are for age-old philosophical debates.

New article in Current Biology

21st April 2020 - Searching for the neural correlates of human intelligence

In a new paper for Current Biology, Rodrigo Quian Quiroga explores the neural underpinnings of human intelligence and asks what it is that sets us apart from other species.

Centre Director talks to Software 2.0

11th February 2020 - AI, machine learning and neural networks

New episode of podcast Software 2.0 covers AI, machine learning and neural networks.

For this podcast, Andrés talks to leading figures in the field of AI. In this episode, topics covered included machine learning and natural neural networks.

Article in La Razón newspaper

10th January 2020 - 'Las células que nos hacen más listos que los chimpancés y... la inteligencia artificial'

Spanish newspaper La Razón reports on Director's work in 'Las células que nos hacen más listos que los chimpancés y... la inteligencia artificial'.

What makes human memory different to that of other mammals - and what implications might that hold for the development of Artificial Intelligence?

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