Centre for Systems Neuroscience

Visiting fellows

Lorenzo Gutiérrez

Honorary Visiting Fellow

My name is Lorenzo Emiliano Gutierrez. I'm a physicist interested in data analysis, machine learning and the use of physics tools in other fields. I'll be doing my PhD Argentina, the UK and China. Currently I'm here in order to be trained for running several experiments in Argentina and in China, also I'm working in noise-reduction in the spike detection algorithm Wave_clus.

And my main project: dethrone Rodrigo of the "Best Argentinian Asado" throne!

Hernan Rey

Hernan is working on single cell recordings from the human brain in collaboration with the Epilepsy Research Group at King’s College London. Particularly, he is interested in studying the timing of medial temporal lobe responses. He is also interested in abstract concept learning and decision making. 

Fernando Chaure

Fernando mainly worked on unsupervised spike sorting algorithms and other experiment analysis automatizations. On the side, he developed a few graphical tools for real-time signal analysis and data exploration. Fernando is the repository's maintainer of Wave_Clus and he keeps working on improving the reproducibility and quality of spike sorting algorithms.

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