Centre for Systems Neuroscience

Associate members

Professor Ian Forsythe

Molecular Neurophysiology Laboratory

We are interested in how neurons regulate their excitability and process information about sound.  Our research concerns mechanisms of hearing (and hearing loss or deafness). We study how exposure to loud sound damages the ear and the brain, by inducing long term changes in gene expression and changes in ion channel function.

Todor Gerdjikov

The overall aim of my research is to understand how cortical and related brain regions encode sensory stimuli as well as cognitive procesTodorses related to attention and motivated behaviour. My work relies on awake electrophysiological recordings and optogenetics in target structures including sensorimotor and prefrontal cortex as well as striatum.

David Souto

David Souto profile picDavid is interested in visuo-motor interactions, in particular the visual processing that is required to execute saccadic and smooth pursuit eye movements. His investigations use a combination of psychophysical modelling and oculometric measurements. In collaboration with the Centre for Systems Neuroscience he plans to use fixation-related potentials extracted from the EEG signal to uncover the cortical processing of visual prediction errors during saccades.

Vincenzo Marra

Vincenzo MARRA profile picVincenzo is interested in how neurons communicate using electrical and chemical signals. He uses a range of techniques to study neurotransmission at different levels to investigate how localised changes can affect entire networks in healthy and pathological conditions such as epilepsy.

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