Crossing boundaries?

Project activities

Year 1: Commencing the collaboration

The project will start with a 2-day workshop at the University of Cape Town (UCT) aimed at refining the research objectives, planning their execution, and embedding the partnership. The Leicester participants will visit UCT for four days so that those new to SA law may be introduced to it by the UCT participants. Two Leicester participants will stay on for research on their individual topics.

Year 2: Continuing the collaboration through exchanges and discussions

Further research visits will take place, to enable participants to develop research on their individual topics as well as to deepen the relationship between the two institutions. Two researchers from Leicester will each spend seven days at UCT and vice versa.

The UCT participants’ visit to Leicester will be timed to link up with a second project workshop. Drawing in further participants from Leicester, other European universities and the judiciary, this workshop will report on research results obtained so far and extract key themes for further exploration during the currency of the project, in particular with a view to planning the structure and contents of a book to be produced.

Year 3: Completing research, disseminating the results and planning future collaboration

A final set of seven-day visits by UCT-based participants to Leicester will take place for research on individual topics and participation in postgraduate teaching and supervision. All participants will continue work on their individual topics to a timetable designed so that contributions to the book can be readied for presentation of the final manuscript to a publisher by the end of this project year.

The year's activities will culminate in an Advanced Winter School (in the SA winter) and allied Conference at UCT. The 2-day Advanced School will be aimed at postgraduate students and early-career researchers from SA, particularly early-career academics from institutions with a limited research profile. A one-day international conference immediately afterwards will allow the project participants and other contributors to the volume to present the fruits of their research to an audience of academics, practitioners and judges, and launch plans for future collaboration.

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