College of Life Sciences

How the application process works

The process for HEPAF applicants to apply to the University is very similar to a standard application, with a few extra steps added. This ensures we adhere to the Covenant. 

Step 1

Ex-military personnel who would like to apply to study one of our Health courses, should contact the course’s Admissions Team.

Step 2

Every HEPAF applicant is offered an advisory consultation with relevant Admissions staff. This will enable us to signpost them to one of four 4 options:

  1. The applicant already meets our standard entry criteria; therefore, they continue to apply through UCAS in the normal way
  2. The applicant needs to undertake more academic qualifications to meet the criteria and will be advised as to what courses are the most appropriate
  3. The applicant has qualification that need to be mapped using recommendations by NHSE
  4. The applicant has evidence of serious study, along with transferable skills or work experience, and are a mature applicant. This is completed on an individual departmental assessment
  5. The course is not right for them

All applicants are advised to state “Armed Forces Applicant” at the beginning of their UCAS personal statement. This will ensure that their application is correctly allocated to the course admissions tutor and no HEPAF candidate is missed by central admissions teams.

Once this stage is complete the applicant will then fall in line and have the same equal opportunities as all other applicants via selection and Multi Mini Interview (MMI). 

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