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Institute for Precision Health (IPH)

The Institute for Precision Health's vision is to enhance Leicester’s reputation as an international centre of excellence in precision health, uncovering disease mechanisms, developing novel diagnostics and therapies and translating them for patient and societal benefit. Working closely with the University of Leicester’s Biomedical Research Centre, we strive to enhance our portfolios in clinical and fundamental science, diagnostic expertise, data science and artificial intelligence, advancing research across priority areas including cancer, cardiovascular and respiratory disorders, diabetes, ethnic health, and infectious diseases.

Leicester Institute for Structural and Chemical Biology (LISCB)

The Leicester Institute for Structural and Chemical Biology brings together established strengths in structural biology, chemical biology and single-molecule research. The Institute takes advantage of synergies in research technologies and approaches to deliver major advances in both fundamental and translational research. LISCB hosts the Midlands regional cryo-electron microscopy facility.

Research centres

Leicester Cancer Research Centre

In the Leicester Cancer Research Centre, basic scientists and clinicians lead new discoveries in chemoprevention, early detection and personalised medicine.

Centre for Systems Neurosciences

The Centre for Systems Neurosciences' scientists focus their research around the study of neurons and their network activity and how sensory information lead leads to conscious perception.

Diabetes Research Centre

The Diabetes Research Centre is delivering excellence in clinical care underpinned by innovative and world leading clinical research, particularly in the areas of: early detection; prevention; structured education; new therapies and teaching and training for both patients and health care professionals.

Leicester Microbial Sciences and Infectious Diseases Centre (LeMID)

The Leicester Microbial Sciences and Infectious Diseases Centre is an interdisciplinary network focussed on: dynamics of infection (health, immunity, infection control, food safety and microbiomics) and bacterial physiology and genetics (antimicrobial drug resistance, bacteriophages, genomics, drug development and food production).

Research departments

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