Academic and professional staff

Prefix telephone numbers with +44 (0)116 252 (or 223/229 where indicated) when calling from outside of the University.

Name  Role  Email  Telephone  Building 
Professor Philip Baker  Pro-Vice Chancellor, Head of College and Dean  2965   
Professor Tom Robinson Deputy Head of College  2965   
Professor Kevin Harris  Associate Dean of Clinical Affairs  2965   
Dr Rebecca Draper  Director of Operations  5152  MSB 
Carrie Laverick  PA to Head of College Team  2965  MSB 
Dr Gareth Hall  Business Projects Manager  3738  MSB 
Lesley Clissold  Assistant Registrar (Resources)  5154  MSB 
Sandy Kaur  Assistant College Administrator  5606  MSB 
Nerys Bradley  HR Business Partner 3002  MSB 
Helen Woodward  Assistant to HR Business Partner  3452  MSB 
Nicky Ward  Senior HR Advisor  2387  MSB 
Helen Reynolds  Senior HR Advisor  2975  MSB 
Chris Trafford  College Management Accountant  2154  MSB 
Julie Clayton  Assistant College Management Accountant  5384  MSB 
Anna Harding  Assistant Registrar (Research)  2974  Adrian 
Michelle Muessel  Research Governance Manager 1369  MSB 
Jitin Liladhar  College IT Manager  3057  MSB 
David Parker  Head of Student Programmes Admin  1598  MSB 
Ila Patel  Head of Technical Services  5277  Adrian 
Professor Andrea Cooper  Interim Dean of Research    7069  MSB 
Professor Nigel Brunskill  College Lead for Clinical Research  3062  MSB 
Dr Karl Herbert  Dean of Education  3777  GDC 
Dr Colin Hewitt  Director of Taught Postgraduate Programmes  5587  Adrian 
Professor G Don Jones  Director of Teaching and Learning  1841  RKCSB 
Professor Don D L Jones  Director of Postgraduate Research  3169  RKCSB 

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