College of Life Sciences

Ensuring robust processes for reporting and handling complaints

Students and staff need to feel that any complaint will be dealt with appropriately and know that they will be informed on the progress and outcome of that complaint. 

Key actions

  1. We will include options for anonymous reporting and reporting harassment at school and on work placements.
  2. We will review existing complaints procedures against good practice and make any necessary improvements.
  3. We will keep students informed about our actions in response to racial harassment complaints. 


Student hands writingAreas of progress and projects supporting robust processes for reporting and handling complaints include:

  • Updated student feedback forms to facilitate reporting of racial harassment and discrimination
  • Working with central University EDI and Standing Together (student support) team to facilitate the same through the central Report and Support service - disclosures/reports can be anonymous or by name to facilitate direct support (also available of course through our Pastoral Support Unit)
    • This better access to reporting and disclosure, alongside a review of the systems for collecting data, will also facilitate better collection and review of data to assess the extent of different types of harassment and discrimination and any impact of Charter initiatives.

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