College of Life Sciences

Walk with Women (W3)

One of a range of initiatives established as part of our gender equality actions. 

Walk with women logo from Athena SwanWomen at the University of Leicester lead in a variety of different ways and contexts, but how did they get to where they are and what can we learn from their stories? The W3 project, which emerged from the inaugural cohort of the University’s ‘Women Leading with Purpose’ programme, mapped the paths of women at a range of career stages and working in a diversity of roles, making it possible to walk with women through their career journeys and support others to follow in their footsteps – or find their own paths.

The project sought to identify and celebrate diverse career paths; recognise and value personal, as well as professional, achievements; challenge dominant narratives, such as the culture of overwork, through the identification of multiple paths to success; and raise the visibility of women leaders at the university. We would like to thank the women leaders who have shared their stories, without whom this project would not have been possible.

While the pilot focused upon women in the College of Life Sciences, the W3 project has created a suite of resources to enable you to create your own contextualised timeline, which can be used as a tool for reflection and personal development, or as part of one-to-ones with mentors or line managers.

Some of our case studies

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