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Elevate Grant


The Elevate Grant is awarded to an ethnic minority student or student group in support of a research project relating to the goals of the MREM network and has been launched annually at the MREM Network meeting.


Doctors from an ethnic minority background have a reduced likelihood of being appointed to a speciality training post than white doctors (Iacobucci, 2016). Conducting, publishing, and presenting research are integral parts of the speciality training application process. Therefore, initiatives that encourage students from an ethnic minority background to conduct research will help combat the ethnicity gap within speciality training post appointments.

The grant

This grant is up to £1000 and will be awarded after a peer-reviewed selection process. 

Money will be transferred to the grant holder(s) in two stages:

  • At the beginning of the project and

  • After achieving a halfway goal as agreed upon with the project supervisor.

The grant holder(s) will be invited to present their research at the next MREM conference.

Inclusion Criteria

The MREM network will accept applications for research projects that meet the following criteria:

  • Proposals should be submitted by students from an ethnic minority background enrolled at a member school of the MREM Network.

  • Proposals should demonstrate awareness of ethical implications where relevant. All relevant ethical approvals should be obtained before submitting the proposal.

  • The proposal must include a project plan that describes the actions, timescales and resources required to deliver the project.

  • A clear description of the proposed impact of the project must be included.

  • Proposals must be endorsed by a supervisor from an institution within the MREM Network.


Applications are expected to re-open after the MREM Network Conference in March 2024.

Past Projects

Read more about past projects. 

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