Sanctuary Seekers’ Unit

Presessional English Programme

At the English Language Teaching Unit, we are offering a number of scholarships for refugees and asylum seekers on our full-time presessional English language programme (21 hours per week).

We have four ten-week modules on offer at different times during the year:

  Entry Level
 Module A  4.0 Entry 3 Intermediate
 Module B
 4.5 Entry 3 - Level 1
 Module C
 5.0 Level 1


 Module D
 5.5 Level 2

Upper-intermediate to advanced

The lower level modules have more of a general English focus, but as you move up the levels, the focus becomes increasingly academic, and will help to prepare you for further study at University in the future. Find out more information about the presessional English programme.

Who can apply for a scholarship?

To be eligible for a place on one of these courses, the following requirements must be met:

  • Refugees and Asylum Seekers Only
    You must be a refugee or asylum seeker with the right to study (including those with Limited Leave to Remain or who are under Humanitarian Protection)
  • Needs Analysis and Suitable Academic Background
    Your existing qualifications need to be at a suitable level for entry to university in the UK. You also need to intend to study at University again in the future.
  • Induction Session
    You must attend a pre-course induction session to find out whether this module is the right course for you. You will need to think carefully about the attendance requirements, the time commitment and the homework requirements before making your decision. The session will also include an individual speaking test with a teacher so that we can assess your level of English and have a better understanding of your educational background and future ambitions.
  • Language Level
    If you decide that you are able to commit to 10 weeks of full-time study and we think that the programme would be suitable for you, we will invite you for writing and grammar tests to check that you are at the right language level. If you have a recent IELTS certificate, you will not need to take the written tests.
  • Vacant Places on Module
    If you are at the right language level, and if we have places on that module, we will offer you a place. If there are no places available, we will offer you a deferred place for a later start date.
  • Attendance and Study Requirement
    Just like our other pre-sessional students, you will need to show that you have regular attendance, are punctual and complete the work required for the course (e.g. essays, projects, presentations, etc). If you are unable to meet these requirements (without good reason) you may not be able to complete or pass your course.

If you think you meet our requirements, please complete our needs analysis form and send it back to

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