Materials and interfaces

The materials and interfaces group specialises in the development and characterisation of diverse materials, from metals and composites to biopolymers, ionic liquids, and novel battery materials. Given the urgent need to develop innovative and environmentally-friendly processes, the fundamental academic studies of the group have wide-ranging implications for more efficient use of natural resources, as well as recycling and the ‘circular economy’, energy storage, zero-emission vehicles, and fingerprinting. 

The dedicated Materials Centre provides a world-leading research and enterprise environment with state-of-the-art facilities, including Atomic Force Microscopy, 3D-Optical profiling and metrology, Digital Holographic Microscopy, electrochemistry, and FTIR imaging. A unique aspect of the materials and interfaces group is the ability to engage not only in fundamental academic studies but also to translate the outcomes and scale-up to pilot processes via interaction with industrial partners. Scale-up facilities include electroplating and eletropolishing lines, and a pilot plant for scale-up of ionic liquid processes. 

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