Celebrating 100 years

So that they may have life: a film

In this film, we hear the words of local doctor, Dr Astley Clarke, as he responds to an editorial in the Leicester Daily Post newspaper. Published on 14 November 1917, the paper suggests the creation of a university as a living memorial to those who made sacrifices during the First World War.

Twelve days later, Astley wrote a letter of support to the paper. It is these words which we can hear in the film:

"To the honour of those who took their part in the Great War
To the glory of those gallant fighters who came through, and
To the memory of those devoted heroes who gave their lives in the cause of freedom.
Now, every material asset a person possesses may flee; education alone is an asset of which an individual cannot be robbed. Let us, therefore, offer higher education as our war memorial.”

Dr Astley Clarke, 26 November 1917

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