Department of Cardiovascular Sciences


The Diagnostics Development unit can in principle tackle diagnosis of disease in following areas:

  • infection
  • cardio-vascular
  • cancer
  • skin conditions
  • rashes and allergies
  • respiratory problems
  • urinary/gynaecology problems
  • drug overdose
  • detection of smokers.

Initial projects under planning

  • liver disease
  • sepsis
  • bruising
  • asthma
  • Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease
  • detection of infections, e.g. c.difficile.

Initial proof of concept studies regarding asthma are already underway with encouraging results.

Positive proof of concept measurements using cardio-vascular measurements techniques have also been conducted for sepsis.

Possible measurements

  • Imaging of face, hands and other body areas to detect metabolic and blood distribution and oxygenation state (TBC) along with core and peripheral temperature distribution
  • Spectral analysis of body fluids e.g. urine
  • Gas analysis for Volatile Organic Compounds in breath or head space analysis of sweat, urine and faeces to detection bacterial  and metabolic products
  • Measurement of nitrogen oxides Cardio-vascular and body state monitors to measure cardiac output and systemic vascular resistance, tissue oxygenation.

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