Brexit and the EU Referendum


The potential impact of Brexit on University suppliers and procurement is based around the lack of access to EU markets and a fall in the value of the Pound. There could be a detrimental effect on suppliers and supply chains, meaning that extended lead times are required, and potential price increases due to exchange rate volatility and/or duties and tariffs.

What have we done?

We are engaging with our 50 closest suppliers to understand how they could be adversely affected by Brexit and how they are mitigating these risks. We are asking them whether there is anything we can do to ensure we have sufficient products in the event of no-deal disruption. We are also discussing with our travel broker to find out their advice in relation to staff travel.

College Directors of Operations and Category Managers have been briefed on the latest position of our suppliers.

Where can I get support?

If you receive any potential contract price increases due to Brexit, please talk to your Category Manager.

What should I do if I believe that extended lead times resulting from Brexit/'no deal' would have a significant adverse impact on my work/the operations of my department?

Consult your College’s Director of Operations or the respective Category Manager, who will have the latest position on the Brexit planning of the University’s top 50 suppliers of goods, and can discuss potential mitigating actions, including placing an advance order. If the supplier in question does not feature in the top 50 already engaged by the Procurement Unit, the respective Category Manager has draft text that can be used in making Brexit planning enquiries with the supplier you have identified.

What should I do if a supplier informs me of an increase in contract prices owing to Brexit/'no deal', i.e. due to exchange rate fluctuations and/or new tariffs/duties?

Consult the respective Category Manager to establish whether the proposed price increase, including its scale, is warranted, and whether the contract covers any such price changes.

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