Hey, I’m Tony your Liberation Officer, and I could not be more proud to announce the start of our We Are Black History campaign! You might be asking (or not) why we changed the name and what it means? Well, this name change came about a few years ago. For us, it gives us black people the ownership of what Black History is. It is more than a month’s celebration and it definitely is more than a tick box exercise.

We want to ensure that black excellence, culture and history is celebrated through the year (not being limited by a month), and that our campaign also reflects the needs of our students on campus and the wider issues that are happening in the world. With the re-occurring issues of racism, police brutality and injustice our community has faced, now more than ever, we should not let our voices be silenced and we should fight so that we get the social justice that we deserve and are owed.

I want us all to remember, that Black Lives Matter, Black Trans Lives matter, yesterday, today, and tomorrow. You can read our Black Lives Matter statement here. These are not just words, they carry meaning and years of injustice, bias, brutality and many hardships. They also carry the voices of the ones who fought before us, and the work that was done and still has to be done so we can live in a world that sees us as we are.

I’m really excited about what we’re got planned for the year, and I hope you join us on this journey. We’ve got a lot of events and projects coming up, with students’ right at the forefront of making all of this happen. So come and join us, and celebrate black history!

Tony Magaia
Liberation Officer for 2020/21