University of Leicester BHF Research Accelerator for Precision Medicine

Pump Priming Awards

The following projects have been successful in being given Pump Priming Awards of up to £25,000. We will provide further updates as the projects proceed and are delighted to support these exciting endeavours


Dr Anvesha Singh

A novel MRI technique to quantify altered myocardial calcium handling in symptomatic and asymptomatic patients with severe aortic stenosis

Mr Mustafa Zakkar 

The impact of haemodynamic changes on vein graft failure in patient undergoing coronary artery bypass surgery

Dr Marcin Wozniak 

Micro-RNAs and fibrosis progression in asymptomatic Aortic Stenosis: towards an integrated imaging and biomarker precision medicine approach to risk stratification


Dr Alastair Moss

MOleculaR PHenOtyping of LOw attenuation non-calcified/hiGh-risk plaque studY (18F-MORPHOLOGY)

Dr Marinos Koulouroudias

Comprehensive phenotyping of iron status in elucidating the metabolic landscape of frailty

Dr Radoslaw Debiec

Familial genetic screening for bicuspid aortic valve disease


Dr Gavin Morris

Understanding the contribution of SVEP1 in cardiovascular diseases

Dr Emer Brady

REmiSsion of Type 2 diabetes and cardiOvasculaR hEalth; The RESTORE study


Dr Lucy Beishon

Vascular mEchanismS in, dePression, dementiA, and deliRum: The VESPAR project

Dr Matthew Graham-Brown

Mechanisms of exercise-induced cardiovascular remodelling in renal transplant recipients: the roles of microRNAs in muscle-cardiac crosstalk

Dr Susil Pallikadavath

AFLETES MRI – Atrial Fibrillation and the risk of stroke in veteran athLETES: a pilot cardiac and cerebral magnetic resonance imaging study

Ms Georgia Layton

Can sex differences in outcomes after coronary artery bypass grafts be related to differences in the vein's molecular make-up

Dr Gaurav Gulsin

Retinal microvasculature as a window into detecting stage B heart failure in Type 2 diabetes

Dr Liam Musto

Identifying the role of air pollution in the development and progression of abdominal aortic aneurysm


Dr Xin Li

LifeMap-VR Utilising virtual reality for enhanced cardiac stress testing and risk stratification for sudden cardiac death

Dr Ranjit Arnold

Characterising cardiac involvement in severe sepsis using non-invasive imaging - a pilot feasibility study

Dr David McVey

A Novel 3-D Perfusion Culture and Low Cost RNA-Sequencing Approach to Identify Genetic Associations


Dr Jatinderpal Sandhu

Agnostic proteomics for pathways of residual risk in optimised therapy of heart failure to allow precision prognostication and biotarget identification

Dr Elina Akalestou

The Role of SGLT2 beyond renal glucose reabsorption

Dr David Adlam

Pilot study of using pedigree gene sequencing to understand how rare and common variants in SCAD patients segregate in families and how this impacts on the manifestation of other related conditions in family members

Dr Shameem Ladak

A study of the effects of Age, High Fat Diet, Multimorbidity, and HDAC inhibition on the epigenetic regulation of biological ageing in human myocardium

Dr David McVey

Systems genetics approaches to understand the role of endothelial behaviour in cardiovascular disease


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