AccessAbility Centre

Study advice for students with dyslexia

Students with dyslexia (or another specific learning difficulty) will often find that one to one support is recommended in their Educational Psychologist or Assessment Centre report.   

This support can be provided by the Study Advisers in the AccessAbility Centre. It can involve:

  • Study skills/strategies
  • Developing phonological awareness
  • Spelling strategies
  • Improving fluency and accuracy in reading
  • Meta cognitive strategies
  • How to plan and write an essay
  • Concentration
  • Memory techniques
  • Revision skills
  • Exam techniques
  • Note-taking skills
  • Time management

Support with individual pieces of work

For this support it is important that students bring work in at an early stage so that staff can understand what aspects of the writing could be improved. Study Advisers can help you with sentence construction, paragraphing, grammar and punctuation, the flow of the writing and skills of analysis.

The AccessAbility Centre does not offer a proof reading service.

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