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The University of Leicester is committed to transparency with regard to the remuneration of senior staff, including that of the President and Vice-Chancellor, and publishes these annually in the University’s Financial Statements.

Senior salaries are set by the Remuneration Committee comprising independent external members of Council who possess wider commercial and public sector pay knowledge and expertise.

The Vice-Chancellor is not a member of the Remuneration Committee. He does not attend meetings of the Remuneration Committee unless specifically invited to discuss the performance of senior staff.

Professor Nishan Canagarajah, who became President and Vice-Chancellor on 4 November 2019, receives an annual salary of £250,000.

He is a member of the USS pension scheme.

His expenses will be published quarterly.


Upon joining the University Professor Canagarajah opted to stay in Stable Cottage as part of his relocation package. Stable Cottage is a property owned and operated by the University as temporary accommodation for new staff who have joined the institution. The relocation package agreed with Professor Canagarajah included six months support for accommodation rental, and this is a taxable benefit. Due to the disruption caused by the COVID-19 pandemic, Professor Canagarajah was not able to fully relocate within the original timescale envisaged and used Stable Cottage on an ad-hoc basis, on the days he was working on campus, to the equivalent of six months’ use.

From October 2021 Professor Canagarajah will rent space in Knighton Hall from the University. Knighton Hall is made available to the current Vice-Chancellor of the University and has been used for this purpose since the 1940s. This is subject to a rental agreement with a market rent payable by Professor Canagarajah to the University.

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